About Constructor.lk

About Constructor online web platform

Constructor.lk is the finest location to look for service providers in the construction industry and we are here to help you identify legitimate service providers whether you're beginning from scratch or looking for maintenance services for an existing property.

All of the major services are divided into eight categories for your convenience. In these major classification you could find these categories consecutively.

1. Aluminium Work

2. Flooring

3. Roofing

4. Labour

5. Maintenance

6. Wood Work

7. Construction Steel

8. Material Supply

In the first section you may find modern carpentary workers who use Aluminium to make Doors, Windows, Pantry cupboards and so on and you preferred floor could finish by using Wood, tile, pvc or any other material as you find the service providers in flooring section.

The best carpentars you'll meet in the third section to build the most important part of a construction, according to the material which use to be covered. To keep up the pace in a schedule you'll be needed more hands, where Labour section comes in to your aid.

Every construction is decaying over the time. So, unless well maintained it won't be last long.

To keep the conditions in a good manner you could find some top rated service providers in Maintenance section and for the wodden items; such as Door, Windows, Cupboards, panty you may find the solution in the sixth category. On the other hand steel construction is getting popular nowadays and the demand is higher. With constructor's guide you'll be able to find iron workers to ease your process.

Material supply is over the top of this every category and it'll be crucial when the construction is ongoing. Nevertheless, you won't be having a hard time looking for the suppliers as Constructor provides the information.

The platform allows service providers to build an online store and a profile, highlighting their previous projects and experiences.

A profile functions similarly to a personal website, but without the associated expenses and hassles and online store can be used as a virtual market to sell physical goods/ products. Either beginner or a professionalize, you could find space on Constructor to be expanded your brand visibility in the digital world.